June 13, 2017

I stayed home from work today. When I am stressed it goes straight to my back and locks my back up. Plus I’ve been working on my house and yard and I’m sure that doesn’t help.

This Robbie thing has been killing me. I had no idea how to bring it up but it got brought up because I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

We were texting. I asked him what he was doing. I thought he texted back “laying in bed with you” so I texted back that “he had just made my heart pound”. He asked me why that had made my heart pound. I texted back and told him that I had a crush on him. He responded back with “What are we going to do about this. Are we allowed to have feelings for each other?”

Relief followed by fear. Robbie likes me…

I got my glasses on and what he actually texted was ” laying in bed, you?”. Punctuation people, can change the course of lives!

We’ve been joking about dual incomes and how easier life would be for both of us if we lived together.

He is so sweet. My back has been out and he keeps asking me how I feel. No one’s ever taken care of me. I love this.

We had a conversation about our feelings for each other and how awesome this is and how everything happens for a reason. He said “no more running”.

He’s managed to stay unmarried for 46 years I guess that makes sense….

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