My middle son. My rebel. He is the polar opposite of both of his brothers. They are sociable, they hate being alone, they are free spirited and a little wild.

Wyatt does not drink and he would never do drugs. He is blonde haired and green eyed. He is only 5’8″ and I’d be surprised if he weighs 130. He is a strong guy, though.

Wyatt is thinker. He has a small circle of friends. He doesn’t trust many people. He is more like me.

He has a quick temper. He holds grudges. He is loyal to a fault unless you betray him. Then he is done with you.

He is the best dad ever. His son is his world. Bubba, 3 years old now, goes with his daddy everywhere. Wyatt teaches him. Everything. Everywhere they go Wyatt is pointing things out. Colors, cars, things, words. The dynamic duo, those two.

Wyatt is so mechanical. He can fix anything. He tore everything apart when he was little.

He flips cars for a living and makes a pretty good living. Bubba is with his daddy all day working on cars while Rae works at the local hardware store.

I think Wyatt is the kid that would take me in and take care of me if I needed the help. Beau and Drew would also, but Wyatt would just feel like it was his job to take care of me.

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