Drew is my baby. He is 21. He is just like Luke. Sociable, calm, a peace maker. He can get angry but it takes a lot. Then he gets over it and forgives.

He is a 6 foot tall, a big kid with wavy brown hair and blue eyes. He has a beautiful smile. He is such a handsome kid and he has an awesome work ethic.

He worries me because he is so much like Luke. He likes to party and every one loves him to be at their parties. He is always the center of attention.

He loves music like Luke and I. He is awesome at the guitar. We bought him one when he was 14. He picked it up and within a few months he could play anything he heard. That’s how he relaxes. He picks up his acoustic and just plays.

He was the closest to Luke. They were together almost everyday until the day Luke died. Drew took it the hardest but he holds everything in. He never cries unless he drinks, then it all pours out. My poor baby.

He lives up north near Beau in his own little house on the river. I am so proud of him.

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