Daisy is my soul sister. She has been my best friend since 6th grade. I have experienced more life with her than with anyone else. We have experienced joy, laughter, fun, school, drugs, drinking, abuse, kids, divorce, death, heartbreak and more.
We met in private school, Mrs. Smiths 6th grade class to be exact. Mrs. Smith had a boat oar she used as a paddle when we got out of line.
Daisy went there because her mom, Ada, was a yard duty lady so she got to go for free. I lived in a brand new house and she lived in a not so great rental with her mom and step dad, Rudy. I was spoiled and got every materialistic thing I wanted and her parents struggled to pay their bills.
I was always so jealous of her relationship with her mom. There was a time that I would have traded all I had to have that same relationship. They were so close and Daisy could tell her mom anything.
We spent all day at school together and every weekend together. We were both honor roll students. We were so close.
We spent most weekends at my house. We both liked it better that way. There was more to do at my house. I had every album we loved to listen too, plus we could walk all over the place.
We had freedom at my house.
I hated going to her house but I never told her that.
When Daisy and I were in 8th grade, me and Daisy and her mom had gone grocery shopping. We came back and I was the first thru the door. Rudy was on the couch, in nothing but his underwear. When I walked in, he had his hands down the front of his underwear. He didn’t immediately stop or jump up. He just stared at me with his hands on his junk. I was clueless about sex and I had no idea that there were men like him in the world but when he looked at me I was scared. I dropped my groceries. He got up and walked out of the room and I just stood there with groceries spilled around my feet. Ms. Ada was scolding me, asking me what I was doing. I didn’t say anything, I just stood there, feeling sick. She started picking up the groceries and I bent down and helped.
A couple months later, at school, Daisy was quiet all day. I knew something was wrong. Later that day in the cafeteria I saw Daisy walk over to her mom and whisper something to her. Ms. Ada yelled very loudly “That son of a bitch” and then she left. I didn’t know what happened and I didn’t ask but I knew it had something to do with Rudy.
A few months later, Daisy and I were walking around my neighborhood and talking. We were talking about how we were as close as sisters when she told me that I knew everything about her but one thing. She didn’t explain more but I knew what it was. In that moment I felt so sad and so helpless. How do you stop an adult from hurting someone and how could you ever tell anyone about something like this? I was so angry that this had happened to my best friend and I didn’t think there was anything I could do to help her.
After eighth grade we talked our mom’s into letting us go to public high school. We had met Luke and Austin and other kids from my neighborhood.
Our friends Robbie and Parker were going to public school also. Daisy and I also demanded that we go back to using our real last names. Both our moms had made us take on our step dads names. We were growing up!!
Later that year, towards the end of ninth grade, I went to meet Daisy for lunch and she wasn’t there. A girl from her 4th period class told me that police had come and taken her. Rudy again, I bet.
I didn’t talk to her for a couple days and I was in a panic. She finally came back to school. I didn’t know the full story until years later but this is what happened.
When she was nine, she developed over night. She had huge boobs. I was always so jealous with my little A’s. Until I heard what came with her boobs. Her step dad noticed. That’s when the molestation started. She told her mom and they went to see their pastor. He cured him. Or so her mom hoped.
That day at school that Ms. Ada yelled? Apparently the night before Rudy had done something to Daisy again. But yet Ms. Ada stayed with him. When the cops came to pick up Daisy, they didn’t know he had molested Daisy.
Ms. Ada had been babysitting a five year old little girl for extra money and when she had errands she would leave the little girl with Rudy. The little girl told her mom that he was molesting her. I don’t know how they found out about Daisy but they did. She was taken and placed in foster care. Ms. Ada wouldn’t make Rudy leave. She said he had no where to go.
Daisy was questioned and she told them what happened. She had to have an internal exam. She was still a virgen but there was internal damage. Daisy said she never remembered anything like that happening so she either blocked it out or was too young to remember when or what had happened. Rudy was sentenced to one year of weekends in jail. He was not to be around Daisy or any children. Ms. Ada let him live with them still. I was never allowed over there again.
One day my mom asked me if my step dad had ever touched me that way. I was horrified and told her no. I remember being scared and thinking that all step dads must do that. I stayed away from mine after that even though he had never done anything. When Daisy was 15, Rudy moved up north with his parents because he was sick.
Years later, after I became a mom myself, I called over to Ms. Ada’s to see if Daisy was there. She told me that Daisy had taken a ride with her step dad. I could not believe what I was hearing. I asked her why in the hell would she get in the car with that old pervert? Ms. Ada told me that he was really sick and had come down because he felt bad and that he needed Daisy’s forgiveness. I told her that Daisy hated him and that I hoped he died a slow painful death for what he did to my best friend. She told me she didn’t know why I was so mean and spiteful and that I was going to go to hell. I told her I didn’t care. And I still don’t.
He died a few years later, blind and a double amputee. Karmas a bitch if you ask my opinion.

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