March 13, 2017

Beau and Autumn left for home today. They had a 10 hour drive. Their truck starting making a noise three hours in so they stopped at a mechanics. He told them they needed an entire new front end and it was going to cost them $1,400.00. They didn’t have the money so they decided to drive home anyway. Beau said he got in the car and as they were headed out, he said out loud “Dad, I need you right now since my truck isn’t running right “.

Beau said the RPM’s and the speedometer both went to zero then back up again and then he said he smelled his dad so strong in the cab of the truck. When he told me he said ” I swear to God mom, dad rode with me the entire way home “.

Bubba walked in my room today. He turned and looked up and smiled. I like to think he can still see his Papa.

It’s so strange, but I haven’t cried. All my emotions are gone. Numb. I cried everyday for five days and now I’m numb.

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