Alabama in the City

Life is better. I’m happy, getting happier. With myself. I haven’t found a place of my own yet but I will as soon as I find a renter for my house. My aunt cooks dinner for me. My uncle entertains me. I haven’t lived with anyone since I was 18.

I work downtown in the middle of high rises. It’s amazing. I told Beau that when I’m walking downtown amongst all the other people in their business clothes and tennis shoes, crossing busy intersections and riding the bus or light rail that I feel like a grown up. Alamaba in the City! I never even imagined.

I lived in California but I lived in a small town in the mountains. We were surrounded by trees. I knew every one. The pace was slow. It was an awesome place to raise my boys.

That feels like another life. I was another person. Was that the real Alabama? The Alabama who woke up at the crack of dawn and hit the ground running? Get up, make sure Beau was headed towards the bus stop and that he had his backpack. Wake up Wyatt. Drew was always up and getting ready. Shower, dress, blow dry, yelling at the kids to jump in the car with their backpacks. I dropped them off at my mom’s. She fed them breakfast and took them to the bus stop.

Off to work and then usually someone had baseball practice after work or they were going snow boarding. I made dinner, cleaned the house and I didn’t sit down until it was time to sleep. I loved my kids, loved being a mom.

Now, I get up at the crack of dawn and go to work. That’s it. I’m happy. The only person I have to take care of is me.

Another life. New state, new job, new friends. Am I still running or am I just becoming the real me?


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