Everything happens for a reason

Everything happens for a reason, I really believe that. We might not know the reason why something is happening. We might never know why it happened.
In high school they called me the Inquiring Mind, after that gossip magazine, The National Inquirer. If something was going on, I knew about it. I still know everything. I don’t know why, but people spill their guts to me. If something is going on at work, some rumor or drama, management pulls me in to ask. I usually know what’s going on.

When unusual things happen, I always wonder why. Like, why did I get a check in the mail? Should I spend it on something in particular?? Should I save it because I’m going to have an emergency?

Sometimes I even wonder when it’s not unusual. For instance, if something caused me to be late, why I was late? Would I have gotten into an accident if I hadn’t been late? Or did I smile or wave at someone and it made their day better and it caused them to not do a bad thing?

I question everything. I always have. So much so, that people think it’s funny. Some think it’s annoying. When I hear a plan or a problem or a situation that needs to be solved, my brain starts spinning. It goes to the beginning and filters through every scenario. If I’m in a meeting at work, management loves it. If we have a new process, my brain starts going and it comes up with every variable so we can solve any issue before it arises. When I’m with friends though, it drives them crazy. They start a story and I can’t sit and listen to the entire story before questions immediately arise. I start asking questions and they inevitably tell me to stop talking until they are finished. It drives me crazy but I get it.

I think about Grace and I. We were friends in high school but we weren’t close. We hung out in groups because we were neighbors. We’ve messaged back and forth on Facebook over the years but nothing more.

She messaged me a couple months ago about a dream she had about James and we really got to talking about love and death. We finally decided to get together, us and Clemmy and Bobbie and I really bonded with Grace.

Her and I met up a couple nights later for dinner and started talking about personal stuff. She told me about her and Parker and it blew my mind. Here we are 30 years later, bonding over tacos and she tells me she’s beenhaving an affair with Parker on and off for ten years. I tell her some of my stuff with Robbie over the last year. It blows my mind. I haven’t been able to talk to anybody about Robbie because I’m so private about my life but I can talk to Grace. We have told each other everything about these two brothers.

It just blows my mind that we end up talking and Robbie and Parker have absolutely no idea. Robbie has no idea that Parker and Grace are having an affair. I don’t think Parker knows anything about Robbie and I.

Both of us have struggled with this with no one to talk to and now we have each other and our lives are so similar.

Everything happens for a reason.


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