The boys are back in town 🎶

October 10, 2018

My boys spent the last week with us!  We haven’t all been together since Luke’s funeral.  I have missed them so much.  Wyatt missed his brothers.  My boys have always been close.

They drove down, 23 hours.  Autumn drove the first 12 hours then Beau drove while Drew was bored to death in the back seat.

We spent a week eating and talking and catching up.  Bubba has been talking about riding the go carts and riding with Uncle Drew so we did that.  We also played laser tag.

On the last day we all went and hung out with Luke’s dad.  Bittersweet.

Luke finally got to see Montana when he drove back with the boys.  He’s at Beau’s house on his mantle.  He says strange things have been happening since his Dad got there.  Odd sounds, flickering lights.  Autumn says someone keeps tapping on her feet while she’s sleeping.  Beau thinks she’s crazy but he says his house is peaceful now.


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