September 6, 2018

Grace and I talk a lot now. We have so much in common but now we have Parker and Robbie in common. Parker and his wife came out to visit his family this past weekend and he just got back. The first thing he did was message Grace.

We were talking about the pictures of Parker and his wife online. There isn’t a lot of them together and the few out there, they look so disconnected. Plus, I think if your having an affair you’re obviously not happy. This was going on before he got married so I don’t know why he got married in the first place.

Grace hasn’t seen him in four years but they still talk often. And it’s not just about sex. They are friends. He talks to her about personal stuff.

Grace’s husband knows she talks to him a lot. I asked her if he knew she had feelings for him and he knows. He doesn’t care. I think that is so sad.

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