September 26, 2017

Robbie texted me last night thanking me for sending him the book and the picture I sent him. But he had to…

I just told him that life is short and he needed to really think about his feelings for me. The hammer incident scared me. If something happened to him, no one would ever think to tell me. I’m really nothing to him.

I told him that I missed him and that this was killing me to not be with him. I told him to think it over and talk to me about it. He said he will. He shouldn’t have to think about it. I suppose I have my answer.

I’ll just slowly let it fade so it’s easier than just ending it. I’m sad, so sad. I just want to be with him. I want him to love me.

He texted me and said he was going to bed. It was 7:15pm. He said he would talk to me tomorrow and to charge my house phone. I’m sure he will either be too tired to talk or it will be a super quick conversation.


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