September 24, 2017

I got hot water Friday and it’s so nice! I got up Saturday and went to Emilys and we went and watched the Dodgers play. We went and got chicken at this place in LA first, and it was so good. The weather was nice and we had so much fun. I love going to games.

I got home at 1:00am and went to work at 10:00am. I was texting Robbie about me coming out there and he got quiet so now I don’t want to go. He was actually flirting the other day so I don’t want to push it. I hate that I feel like I can’t talk to him about this stuff.

I just texted him and said to let me know about the dates so I can book my flight or we would reschedule. I’m not rescheduling. If he doesn’t say anything then I’m not going to push and I won’t go. I’m sick of this.

I don’t want to feel this way and the dude with the hammer freaked me out. If something happened to him I wouldn’t know. I’d probably find out on Facebook after I hadn’t heard from him in days.


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