The hammer incident

Robbie called me tonight. We haven’t been talking about anything personal lately. We had a good conversation tonight but he told me something that scared me.

He has a friend, Jessica, that he’s known forever. He dated her 20 years ago. She is married now but she comes to town once or twice a year and they go eat or hang out.

He was at home a couple weeks ago watching TV in his living room when a car pulled up out front. It was late. Someone knocked on his front door. All his friends use the back door so he didn’t answer it.

Then there was a knock on his back door so he looked outside and he didn’t recognize the car. He walked to his back door and opened it. A man he didn’t know swung a hammer at his head. Robbie grabbed his wrist before the hammer hit him. They both fell to the ground in his laundry room, Robbie holding the man’s wrist with one hand and punching him with his other. Robbie has an rifle right next to his washing machine.

Robbie was able to grab the hammer and stand up. He was yelling at him, asking him who the hell he was. The man yelled back that he was going to kill Robbie because he was sleeping with his wife. Robbie told him he was crazy because he wasn’t sleeping with anyone, let alone someone’s wife.

He let the man get up and they walked out back. Robbie still had the hammer. The man was crying. Robbie asked him who he was and he said he was Jessica’s husband. Robbie told him that they had been friends forever but they were nothing more than friends. He asked him why he thought they were having an affair. He said she was always leaving and she always told him that she was with Robbie. She is apparently having an affair with someone….

They live hours apart. He told him he had only seen Jessica once in the past year.

Robbie told him that he was lucky he hadn’t been able to reach his gun. He also told him that next time he saw him he was going to shoot him.

Jessica called him the next day and apologized. He hasn’t heard from her since.


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