The Yaya’s go to see a medium

September 22, 2018:

The Yaya’s and I went to see a medium today. We paid $17 bucks for a bar seat at a Spanish restaurant. I figured bad or good, you can’t beat that price, ya know?

It was interesting. We were all hoping our boys would show up. Luke, Grady, James, Daisy’s first husband Connor and Victoria’s older brother Tommy.

Daisy’s ex-husband Connor was also an alcoholic and hanged himself in 2014. It was a tragedy and it knocked Daisy on her ass for three years. Victoria’s brother Tommy died two weeks after Luke died. He died in prison. He’d been in there since I was a teenager.

We met at Clemmy’s in the morning and she made us breakfast. She lives in a trailer park and it fits her. Not in a bad way, at all. She’s just a wild, white girl and it fits her. She told me she always wanted to live in one. Her husband is on disability for a chronic disease, I don’t know which one and I didn’t want to pry.

Grace and I rode together so we could catch up. We met Bobbie there. Grace brought her yearbook at we ate and went through it and took a stroll down memory lane. It was nice remembering and also finding out new stuff about old friends. Like hearing that Mikey has gone bat shit crazy on steroids and has sent penis pictures to every one, including his family. Also that little Jimmy was murdered last year. Sad, but no one was surprised. We talked about all of our old friends and their kids and divorces and affairs and failures and successes. We talked about how Bobbie six packed me right in the face during a volleyball game and how I met Clemmy for the first time, her sitting on the curb crying her eyes out over a boy. Grace and I were neighbors.

Bobbie drove us to the restaurant. There were probably 30 of us there. The medium was a really chunky, middle aged white woman. She introduced herself and told us about herself. She said she was a medium and so was her mom. She was pretty funny. It felt like I was watching a stand up comedian. She told us that there was about 150 spirits in the room with us. Well…

I believe there are mediums and psychics that are genuine. I am skeptical by nature and I did not believe her. She got a lot wrong when she was talking to people. At one point though, she pointed to us four and said there was a group of people standing by us. I’m pretty sure we all had small heart attacks. She got distracted and moved to the other side of the room. We all looked at each other like WTH??

She also described someone, with a small dog that could have easily been Bobbie’s dad. The woman in front of us said it was her father so Bobbie didn’t say anything.

I was on the fence still but when she told us about Patrick Swayze jumping in her body I was, at the point, pretty sure she was full of shit.

The Yaya’s believed her so I went along with it. We all had a blast, anyway. Grace wanted to go to a private reading with her so I eventually told her that I didn’t believe that she was real.

We did find a medium that comes highly recommended that we are going to see. He’s in LA and he charges $150 for a 45 minutes session. I’m looking forward to that. Maybe Luke and James will tell us we are crazy and tell us to get over these brothers.

I worked 6-6 all week and I’m exhausted but I need the money. The boys are coming home on two weeks and I’m so excited!!

I haven’t talked to Married Guy in a couple months. I think me back with the Yaya’s freaks him out. I’m OK with that. He was just a distraction.

Grace and I had a marathon text session last night about Parker. She’s as obsessed with him as I was with Robbie. I worry about her. I think she loves him. They are both married and I don’t see how this could end happy.

She asked me more about Robbie so I told her everything. She has hope for us, she says. I don’t know if I do anymore. It all feels surreal.

He had a gig last night. I haven’t talked to him in a week. I’m really trying to move on.

Baseball is almost over. The playoffs start in October and then it’s the countdown for spring training in March.

I hate winter. Cold, snowy, high bills, no baseball, no BBQ’S, no shorts, no flowers. UGH!!!!

I weigh 162 and stuck there but they say the slower it comes the better chance of keeping it off.


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