Grammy and the dead

The concert was amazing!! We were on our feet rocking out for over four hours. I’m pretty sure we were high as hell when we left since every one was smoking around us.

I picked Grace up and we went to eat first. I can talk to her forever. I messaged Daisy while we were eating and she told me she’s in pain. She is waiting on test results. She has a cyst on her overy and they are testing for cancer before they remove it. I’ll be praying for her.

Beau called me and told me that Grammy (my mom) texted him at 1am the other night asking him “are y’all OK?”.

That’s how she sounds. He said we were all ok and asked why was she asking. She said that Sinny was acting up. Sinny is her 150 pound husky. He died ten years ago.

My mother had been like this my entire life. She sees and talks to the dead. I’m terrified of seeing spirits. He asked her if she ever saw Nana. She said she has. But she tells her to get the hell away from her. Beau asked her why and she said she doesn’t like her. My mother is crazy.

She asked about me and he said I was planning on moving to Arizona. She said that was a good thing. She still won’t text me though.

So 163.3 today. Not as bad as I thought it would be. We’re going to see the Mets tomorrow! Bubba is gonna be a Mets fan!!!


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