Shitty sleep again last night. I’m so tired.

I was on the phone last night with Robbie and we were watching the World Series. He makes me laugh. He commentates the entire time and he is hysterical. I think he missed his calling.

He’s been working overtime so he didn’t get home until late. I just texted a few things and he said he was tired and going to bed. I just wish I could see him more.

I’m doing my laundry and getting ready to fly out Saturday. I hate flying. I’m getting really nervous. This is a long flight. But I can’t wait to see my boys.

Married guy texted me, pissed off because he found out that it was Robbie I was seeing. He seen pictures on Facebook that Robbie posted of James grave. Married Guy put two and two together. He told me not to get tied down because his marriage is not going to last a year. I told him that Robbie was everything I have ever wanted. He told me to remember I said that.

Whatever. I love Robbie and I’m never letting him go.


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