Counting down the days

Everything is going good. Work is good. We have a little bit of overtime back so I’m getting a little more money. My house isn’t done yet so I booked us a room a bed and breakfast. I still hate people coming over. Remnants from living with Luke.

I haven’t told Robbie that yet. I don’t want him to think I’m hiding anything but how do I tell him I’m afraid to let people over because I’m afraid of other people showing up? He already has issues because when his ex moved in he had no idea that she was an alcoholic.

We will go to LA Saturday. Hopefully to see the Dodgers game. We bought the tickets already, we just have to see if they make it.

The Dodgers game hopefully, and then a Dickies concert Saturday night.

And two nights with Robbie!!❤️❤️


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