Back home

I got back from Montana yesterday.

I met a flight attendant on my way out there that let me hold her hand all the way to Seattle. She was really nice. Her and her husband told me all kinds of stories trying to entertain me. I got to Seattle and went to get on my next plain and it had propellers. I almost called the boys to tell them they had to come get me. I sat by myself and it was so damn loud. Two hours, straight over the Rockies, my ear buds blasting music while I hung on for dear life.

When I was up north the kids and I watched this white rap band on Saturday night and then went to the VFW. I wanted to karaoke but the bar only had a few people there so I chickened out. That’s on my bucket list.

I stayed with Drew. He has a nice little house on the river. His house is spotless.

We had the most awesome dinner at the lodge. $500 bucks, all comped. The food was so delicious. The steak was the best I’ve ever eaten in my life. It melted in my mouth. I also ate roasted bone marrow on a crustini. It was delicious but every time I took I bite I thought about sucking the marrow out of some poor animals legs.

For the appetizer we had butternut squash ravioli. Then cheesecake and the most decadent chocolate cake. I think I gained ten pounds. I’m so impressed that my boys can cook like this!!

We had so much fun. We hung out and ate awesome food. At night we we would go downtown and then we would come back to the house and watch TV or I would listen to them play guitar.

I am so proud of them. I will always worry about Drew and his drinking but right now he is doing good. He has Beau, the best big brother he could have. I was so sad to leave.

I left for the airport early in the morning. It was delayed because they had to de-ice the plane. I don’t know why but that scared the hell out of me. I got to the airport and realized that I lost my ear buds! That’s the only thing that keeps me sane when I fly. Shit!!!!

I sat next to a guy in his 30s. I of course introduced myself to him and told him I was terrified of flying. He said he flew all the time. He held my hand the entire way. It was so foggy and cold and the turbulence on that little plane was terrible. As soon as we hit turbulence he would grab my hand and tell me it was OK. He kept telling me that turbulence was just like hitting potholes in the sky, lol. He was awesome. He was on his way to Wyoming to tag animals.

I almost missed my flight from Denver home because the airport is so big. I was also pulled out and searched because I had left a dollar bill in my pocket. They announced to the rest of the line that they needed to empty their pockets so they didn’t end up like me. The TSA woman touched me all over. I mean, all over. I told her that she could have at least bought me dinner first. She didn’t find that amusing.

When she was done feeling me up all I had time to do was grab my stuff and run. Me, running through the airport again, pink bag on my back, Vans in my hand, out of breath and looking ridiculous, I’m sure.

I again, was the last one to board. This time I flew on an air bus and it wasn’t bad at all. Thank God because the two people next to me slept the entire way with their ear buds in.


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