Permanently single

I’ve been working a lot of overtime. Like an hour and a half every single day. I need it.

I’m on my behind in my mortgage and I messed up my credit so bad. I’m alone. I like being alone now.

I worked today and came home and cleaned for hours. I haven’t been talking to Robbie all that much. He called me tonight but he hasn’t mentioned the Guns N Rose’s concert he bought tickets for and it’s next Saturday.

He said he was going to his parents on Thanksgiving and his brother was coming out for the weekend after Thanksgiving. It sounds like he’s just filling time and letting me know he’s busy.

He was also talking about buying the house he lives in. He used to talk to me about buying a house together. He sounds permanently single.

I’m very sad. I know I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life. I’m glad I have my friends. I’m willing to fly now so I can go visit my kids. But I will never, ever be stupid enough to fall for another man again. Robbie was right. No relationship works. I hate having my feelings hurt. And I hate men.


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