Dylon Scott

Charlotte and I went to the Dylan Scott concert last night. It wasn’t in the best area. We saw two fights and when we left a drunk girl, who was fighting with her boyfriend, jumped into the back seat of my car. We got her out and I took off. Charlotte wasn’t even all the way in the car yet. She still had her leg dangling out. The drunk girl jumped in front of my car but I was already driving. I hit her and she rolled off my hood. She’s gonna feel that tomorrow, I’m sure.

I was kinda freaked out by it all but Charlotte said it was just another Saturday night for her. She thought it was all hysterical. It’s always an adventure when I go out with Charlotte.

I had a dream about Robbie last night. It was one of those dreams where it feels like it lasted all night but you can’t remember much. There were a bunch of people wandering around this big house. Robbie and I were there and we were gone all day, everyday, but at night we both came to this house and we brought all our stuff and we took a shower together and went to bed. We didn’t live there but we knew the other one would be there so we just both showed up night after night. It wasn’t in any way sexual, it was just comforting some how.

I wonder if he thinks about me?


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