Sore is the new beautiful

May 2018

Yesterday was was my first day of softball practice. Today, the inside of my thighs ache from fielding grounders. I feel like I’ve been strapped to horse for a week. My right shoulder and upper arm are sore from throwing .

My team at work does 15 squats every 30 minutes all day so the top of my thighs are on fire. I walk outside on my lunch break. Today, I’m sitting in my car. I’m already dreading having to walk back up to the 5th floor. Last night, I agreed to go to the batting cages tonight. I just want to pop a handful of Advil and crawl into bed.

But I won’t. As I was whining today, Joey told me that sore is the new beautiful. He spends four hours at a time in the gym. I wanted to push him to the ground. But I’m too sore…..

This will keep me busy and I need to keep busy. Up at 5am, get ready, go to work, squats every 30 minutes all day, work until 6pm, batting cages until 8pm, home shower, bed, do it again tomorrow.

Sore is the new beautiful.

Let’s do this….


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