More snow and I hate it. I hope this is it for the year.

Clint keeps asking me to dinner but I told him no because of the snow. I guess snow isn’t always bad.

I’ve been in bed since Friday. I hate being sick. I’m going to the store today to buy chicken and vegetables.

I don’t think I’m going to Arizona with Robbie. He hasn’t said anything. I texted him and asked how he was. I will text him later today. I even brought up him going on vacation and he didn’t mention me going and I’m not going to ask him. He invited me and then if he bails on me then that’s just flaky.

I don’t need anyone who does nothing but breaks promises over and over. I’ve been there and done that but I’m sad. I don’t want to be with anyone else. I already made plans with my uncle who lives in Arizona. I’m going to meet up with him and see a game.

I need to get all this shit off my mind. I always stay busy but it all comes back and I get upset. I am so much better now. I know I’ll get over it. Last year I was a freaking disaster. I am so much better mentally


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