I have been so imeshed in writing about my past that is hard to remember to write about the present.

Except for work, I’ve been really happy. Wyatt and Rae have been gone a lot. Wyatts business is doing really well. They are gone when I come home from work and come home after I’m sleeping. I miss Bubba but the separation is good for us I think.

Something is telling me to move up north. I told my friend Robin a few months ago that I wanted to move away. She flips houses for a living and decided she wanted to move with me. She asked me where I wanted to move and I told her either Arizona, Nevada or Northern California. She told me she wanted to move to Northern California.

The thing about me is when I decide on something, I do it. I think about all the pros and cons and decide. Once that decision is made, I feel like it was meant to be. Like if I don’t follow thru then I’m altering my future. Missing out on what is supposed to happen. I get anxiety when I don’t follow thru.

I realized that moving with Robin was not a good idea. I am an enabler. I realized that she needed me too much. She was coming to my house every day. She was clingy and I like my space. Then Rae and I talked and discovered that Robin was going to each of us talking crap. She kept telling me that I needed to kick them out. I would never do that but I don’t respond to shit like that. I asked her about what she had said to Rae and she lied. I asked Robin about it and she kept lying so I’m done. I don’t need people like that in my life.

I really started to question this move now. This is crazy but I read my horoscope every day and my horoscope the next day made me realize that I needed to go.

I’m going to let Wyatt and Rae take over my mortgage and I’m moving. New city, New start, New life.

Is kind of scary but I’m more excited than scared.


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