Losing badly

I was exhausted still today from the heat on Tuesday but I had a softball game. It was so hot today too. I feel a little bit better but not great. The achiness is gone at least. I just drank water all day and then prayed they didn’t need me but they did.

We were all late to the game since there was a power line down.

We lost, too. Badly. 19-13. To a team that we slaughtered last time. At first I was frustrated. Then we were making so many mistakes it was comical. A runner on the other team was looking behind her and ran into our 2nd baseman so hard she knocked her on her ass, like bad. Then our 1st baseman tripped over the tongue on her shoe and fell. Then a ball came at me and I ran forward to catch it and attempted to dive but I just kinda toppled forward and I was pretty certain I broke my finger, but I didn’t. Then our pitcher tried to field a grounder and fell and did this three part roll. At that point I just put the mitt over my face in the outfield and laughed my ass off and hoped no one noticed.

I got two hits at least. One was a pop fly but I got on base the second time. It was a shit show. Then we all sat in a circle on the field and laughed and talked. I love these girls.

The Mets lost. I weigh 165.6.
I’m getting there!


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