Baseball in the heat

I bought tickets last month to watch our local minor league team so we went last night. I couldn’t wait to take Bubba since he watches the Mets with me every night. He had so much fun. He is so shy so I was surprised that he didn’t flip out when the mascot came up to him and stayed kissing his head. He didn’t like it but he just hugged me and took it. He is such a good boy. Even Maggie had fun and it’s hard to tear her away from her tablet.

It was 112 degrees out though. We sat in the shade but it was unbearable. We stayed for a little over an hour.

When I’m in the heat for a prolonged time I’m so sick for the next couple of days. I am exhausted, like I have the flu. I’m achy and weak. I should go to the doctors to see why, but since I had cancer, I’m terrified of going.

I’ll get thru it. And the Mets won last night and tonight! Go Mets!


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