Over it

I just got off the treadmill. 30 minutes and a good sprint at the end. I ate like shit today.

I’m sad this weekend. I texted Robbie last Sunday and he was a little chatty. He texted me randomly yesterday. Something like all is well and have a good night. It feels like he’s texting totally out of guilt now.

He can live alone for the rest of his life. It makes me so sad because I know it could be good but there’s nothing I can do. I can’t make his feelings come back. I’ll just work on myself and my life.

I’m not looking forward to my birthday. Charlotte and Em are taking me somewhere next Saturday night. I have no idea where. I hope it’s fun. I don’t want to be in a situation where Charlotte is trying to set me up. I’m over men. I’m just going to work on my life, my body and my finances.

I’m going through a depression. I think it’s because of winter. It’s dark early. My utilities are so high. Come on summer…


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