Justin Moore

January 2018

It’s been a while. I’ll try to remember what happened.

Charlotte and I went to Justin Moore and Dylan Scott. It was a fun concert. We bought tickets to meet Dylan Scott. We got to meet him and take a picture with him.

Robbie texted me Tuesday to tell me he was coming out in March and wanted to hang out. Then he called me and we talked about his trip and chatted for a while about life. He said he’s been working on refinishing his furniture for the last two months. It felt like he was letting me know he hasn’t dated anyone.

I sent a text to him today about how his coming into my life changed my life. I started going out with my friends and having fun. I always tell him in someway that I’m still waiting. That he will hopefully, eventually be with me.

He tried to call me but I was shopping. I never texted back. I don’t want to push him.

Clint, Luke’s best friend,asked me to meet him for lunch. I tried to meet him at two different places. He kept not showing up and eventually just blew me off. He pissed me off. Went the hell did he call me and invite to lunch anyway??

I’m so mad. Back to work tomorrow. Yay for overtime!


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