Hauntings and Ghosts: 2010

I don’t live with Luke. We are still married but I talk to him every day. I can’t live with him. His drinking is really bad.

I moved into a nice rental. It’s a 4 bedroom with two bathrooms. It’s huge and beautiful and really cheap.

Weird things have been happening. Beau moved back in with his girlfriend temporarily because he got laid off. He told me that when he was sleeping he woke up because he was having a hard time breathing. He said that it felt like someone was sitting on his chest. His girlfriend was trying to shake him awake because he was gasping. Beau told me that it felt like he was being choked. He said he thought he felt hands on his throat. He jumped out of bed and he was fine, he said.

Wyatt and Drew have a new friend that just moved to town. I’ve become friends with the kids mom, Georgia. She tried to make nice with the moms at school but they wouldn’t talk to her. They have said nasty things about her son.

That’s the bad thing about living in a small town. It’s so inclusive. The women up here don’t want to let you in to their group. It’s ridiculous.

One of the members of the PTA actually called me to tell me that my kids shouldn’t hang out with him. Ridiculous. Nope, I’m not like that.

One night Georgia came by to pick up her son. We were standing in my entry way chatting when I heard Wyatt start yelling. I ran over to see what happened and he had been putting super glue on something and it exploded and squirted into both eyes. I grabbed my purse and took him to the emergency room. He was OK, thank God. Georgia came by when I got home. She told me that she didn’t want me to think she was weird but that she thought my house was haunted. I immediately thought she was weird. Well, not weird. The truth is, that it scared me because that was in the back of my head.

Another time I had gone to bed and Beau and his girlfriend were downstairs on the couch watching a movie. I was drifting off to sleep when someone started pounding on my bedroom door. I got up and opened the door and walked downstairs to ask Beau why he was pounding on my door. No one else was home. He swore that he didn’t knock on my door. I didn’t believe him. I just asked him recently and he still swears he never knocked on my door that night.

The boys were always kind of afraid to be in the house alone.

My mom and my grandmother and my great grandmother have seen ghosts and talked to them. That has always scared me to death and I made sure to keep a closed mind about all about because I don’t want to see anyone once they’ve left this earth.

After work one day I stopped at the grocery store to go shopping before I went home. I was in my SUV. I opened the back hatch and put my groceries in and shut it. I put the cart away. I walked over and got into my truck and I starteded it. I looked in my rearview mirror to back out and there was a little girl with long black hair sitting in the backseat. She didn’t look scary. She just looked like a normal girl with long black hair and she looked right at me.

I turned around and she was gone. I jumped out of the car and slammed the door. I was so terrified. My windows were really darkly tinted and I was afraid to my put my face against the glass to look in. I was afraid to open the back door. I walked around to the back and I opened up the hatch and I looked in there. I got on my knees and looked over the edge of the backseat and didn’t see anything. Then I opened all the doors and searched. My truck was empty. My first thought was that I had a brain tumor. There was no little girl in my car. I saw her clear as day.

I got in the car and I moved the rearview mirror so it was pointing up so I couldn’t look into the mirror because I was so afraid. I called my mom and kind of chuckled and I told her that I saw a little girl in the backseat. Then I started crying.

My mom told me that it wouldn’t hurt me and that I needed to go home and put salt all away around my house in a big circle. Who else’s mom would say that? Lol. Most mom’s would tell their daughters that they had lost their minds. Not my mom…

I got home and I didn’t want to scare the kids but I told him that we needed to put salt in a complete circle around the house. The first thing they asked was “is the house is haunted”. I ended up telling them what I saw. We put salt completely around the house and it seem to be OK after that. Shortly after that we move to Texas.

We were in Texas when everyone started having demon dreams. I don’t even like talking about it, it scares me so bad. I’m home alone and I am sitting on my bed scared right now but I’m gonna write about this any way.

In Texas Luke and I were in bed and I had this nightmare. Luke woke me up. He shook me, until I woke up. He said I was moaning in my sleep so bad he thought I was having a heart attack.

In the dream, I was in our bathroom and the lights were off. Something that I couldn’t see was flinging me all over the bathroom. It was throwing me against the ceiling and then I would fall to the ground. Then I would get thrown against the wall and then I would fall to the ground. Over and over.

Drew started having the same kind of dreams also. Wyatt doesn’t have the same dream but he has nightmares so bad that he ends up jumping out of bed and falling onto the floor. Rae has woken him up several times when he was yelling on the floor. He never remembers what the dreams are about.

Beau never had any dreams.

I’ve had two or three dreams a year up until 2016 when I moved into this house. We saged this house and I haven’t had one dream, knock on wood. Drew still has them occasionally. Wyatt doesn’t have them anymore.

I have talked to my mom about it and she said that I had them because of negativity in my life. When I thought about it the only time I ever had the dreams was when Luke was with me. She thinks that his alcoholism and depression caused me to have them. He could have had them also but he drank so much he wouldn’t have remembered.

Drew drinks and she thinks maybe that’s why he still has them. I am as closed as I can be with that as I can. I don’t like thinking about stuff like that because it scares me and I hope I never see anything again


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