New friends

Working overtime still.

I was at the hardware store the other day and I ran into a girl Luke knew years ago. Robin came up and talked to me. She knew I needed repairs on my house and she wanted to come over. I am cautious of anyone that Luke knew but I figured, why not?

She came over and looked at everything and then told me she wanted to do it for free. I told her absolutely not. I wouldn’t let her do it for free but I would pay her. She told me that Luke always came over when it snowed and dug her truck out and this was her way if paying him back. We agreed she could do it for free if I paid for the materials. She is redoing her kitchen and I agreed to help her. I’m not handy at all but said I could go over and hold shit for her. That, I’m good at. 😀

Robin is kicking ass at my house. She pulled up the family room floor and she’s making it level. She is laying it down again for me. She hung my kitchen cabinet for me and my mirror and fixed the hole behind my door. She’s going to get all my baseboards and put them in also.

She’s awesome. I’m so grateful. I can’t wait to get my house together.

I’m down to 167 pounds. I want to be down to 165 by Friday. I want to be 150 by the time I go to Arizona. I’d love to be thinner but I’ll be good at 150.


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