Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I was sad. I got to work and there was a nice bouquet of grocery store daisies on my desk. There was also chocolate covered strawberries. I had a feeling it was Joey but he denied it all day. I could see him doing that since he knew how sad I was because I alone.

Later in the afternoon I was called down to security to pick up a delivery. Strange. I got down there and it was a huge bouquet of beautiful red roses! I looked at the card and it was signed Joey. What the heck??

I walked upstairs. Everyone looking but no one asking because everyone is kind of scared of me. I texted Joey a picture of the roses and was like “what the hell, Joey?” He was at my desk in a second. He then admitted to the daisies and he told me a girl there made the strawberries but he absolutely did not send me roses! I was stumped. They are so beautiful.

Charlotte and I went out to dinner since we are both single and while we were eating Married Guy called me. I answered and he asked me if I had gotten the roses…. Oh my God. I told him they were signed Joey, which isn’t his name. He was pissed at the florist.

I told him thank you and that they were beautiful. He told me he sent his wife some too. Jesus, this guy.

Today he sent beautiful tulips. This guy….


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