Mid-life crisis

I got my septum pierced tonight. It didn’t hurt at all. I’ve always wanted it done. I also just wanted to feel something. Anything. Pain. Anything physical. I’ve been numb for so long. Years and years I think.

Robbie texted me and that made me happy. Then he asked me to send his stuff back. I somehow ended up with his book and hat when he came down to see me. He said he wanted it back since I didn’t talk to him anymore. He is crazy. I text him and he doesn’t answer. I don’t and he says I’m ignoring him. That hurt my feelings.

Then I fell down my stairs. Stuff like that freaks me out. Being alone and falling. Right onto my knee and arm on the hardwood floor. I came up to my room and cried.

My knee and arm are gonna hurt tomorrow.



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