Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve. It doesn’t feel like it. I’m still walking at work. Walking on the treadmill. I’ve lost 6 pounds.

Yesterday Robbie commented on one of Rae’s posts. Rae and I were texting about him yesterday morning at work. She’s trying to get me to send him a boob pic and I told her she was crazy and he isn’t like that. She said she was going to ask the next guy that walked into the hardware store. She did and he told her that he was 46 years old and he slept with a ton of women. He hasn’t slept with anyone in two years and he wouldn’t sleep with anyone until he found the person he was going to marry.

Mind blown. She said it was exactly like Robbie. It was like a sign to chill out. And right then he texted me. We texted back-and-forth. He was at his parents house. I didn’t push. I know he misses me. He reaches out and I just immediately push him into seeing me or talking about feelings. I know this but I can’t seem to stop with him.

I got a call around 1:00am from him at a bar. I missed Robbie’s drunk midnight calls! I love that I’m the one he was thinking about. He said his friend Scott was coming out in March and he was going to come and see me. Here we go again….

I’ll just let things play out and see where he takes it. I still love him but he scares me. I don’t want to get hurt over and over.

Rae and I took the kids to Santas Village today and it was fun. I tried to climb the kids rock wall and I fell on my ass. It was hysterical. I want to zip line but I’m terrified!!

This guy I used to work with messaged me all crazy telling me I was “fine as fuck” and I was going to”be his girlfriend in two weeks.” He must have been drunk. He posted all this stuff on my Facebook. I didn’t know until several people texted me to ask who the hell this guy was. Ugh, just great. I deleted it all.


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