Messages from beyond

Grace, a friend from high school messaged me today. I haven’t seen her for years but we message occasionally. She asked me if I ever had any dreams about Luke that felt real. I knew exactly what she was talking about. It happened to me last year. I had a conversation with Luke when I was sleeping. It wasn’t a dream, it was a conversation.

She told me that she had a dream about James and he told her that he loved her. She says for the first time since he died she knows that he really loved her. It’s been weighing on her shoulders for 30 years and now she knows.

We got to talking and then I thought, why are we just texting each other? I have a group of girl friends from high school and we haven’t seen each other in years. We all live within an hour each other, why not all just meet up for lunch? So I messaged everybody and here we are today about to see each other first time in years and we are all so excited!

We played our last regular softball game of the season. We made the playoffs!! We will play Friday night and that will decide who goes to the championship game this Saturday.

Mets won


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