Behind closed doors

I met Grace for dinner tonight. I have a connection with her that I don’t have with the others. We have lived similar lives. She has always been the good one and I was a little more wild…

We got to talking tonight about being married for so long and how hard it is. She had told me that she had an emotional affair with Robbie’s brother Parker and that she hadn’t talked to him since 2009. I told her about talking to my old friend from high school, two years ago. I’ve never said this out loud or even admitted it to myself but I also had an emotional affair. We never met up but Luke was drinking so much. We hadn’t lived together in years and I was so lonely. He is in a bad marriage and was also lonely. I still feel like a bad person.

I told her that I had a feeling that Married Guy’s wife knew and didn’t care. I know her. It all started when she messaged me and asked if he could call me about something and it just got out of control from there. Grace told me that she wouldn’t be surprised because people do some strange things behind closed doors. I told her that I would be too jealous to let my husband have an affair or even chat with an ex girlfriend.

That’s when she told me that her and Parker had met up in 2009 for an actual affair. Parker wasn’t married at the time but he was dating his wife. Grace’s husband was not only aware of the encounter but he watched it. Apparently, this is a thing he likes to do.

Her and her husband drove up to see Parker. I don’t know the exact details of what Parker knew. Grace told me that Parker was going to meet just Grace in the hotel room but Parker and Grace’s husband crossed in the hallway. Her husband introduced himself and then invited him into the room. She said she was supposed to give Parker a blow job but he was so freaked out at first that she had to talk him into it. He finally let her do it. Her husband just stood to the side and watched. She said Parker then got over his uneasy-ness, flipped her over and had sex with her. Then Grace kicked her husband out of the hotel room so she could be alone with Parker and do it again. Sweet baby Jesus. I don’t think I’ve ever been more shocked.

She said that her and her husband have done this a few times. He talked her into doing it in the early 90’s. She did it for awhile and then told him that she was done. Then marriage got boring and she said she told him that they could do it again. She told me that she just didn’t care anymore.

She still talks to Parker. In fact, Grace and her husband have a wedding to go in October back east and they are meeting up with Parker on the way there.

All I could think about was that Robbie would flip out if he knew what Parker was doing and I can’t even tell him.

Little things now make sense to me. I had told her about Robbie and she didn’t seem surprised. It makes me wonder if Robbie had told Parker and he told Grace.

She also knew that the band shirt I wore was Robbie’s band.

And here I thought, all day, that me applying for 12 jobs in Arizona would be the most exciting part of my day. Not even close.

I’m definitely not going to meet my goal of 159 by the end of August. I weigh 164 and I ate terribly today.

The Mets are in the 10th inning against the Cubs right now and it’s in delay.

Oh, and I do impulsive things some times and then sometimes, I think, what in the hell did you do that for? Thats what I thought today when I got the notification from Amazon telling me that the panties that say Yes, Daddy, will be delivered to Robbie tomorrow.

Jesus, what is wrong with me?


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