Gay BFF’S and Arizona

I am so tired. I got back at 12:30am last night from the BBQ. It was freezing. I got home and Joey was texting me about a girl he likes. He has so many.

Then Matty called me, drunk as hell. Matty is my gay BFF. I love him to death. We were talking about the lay offs at work and moving to Arizona. He has decided that we will move and become roommates. I couldn’t do that. I’d come home from work everyday and drink with Matty. We would go to the bar. I’d be his wing woman. I’d hang out with gay men every day and become a drunk. Lol, nope. Sorry Matty.

I was about to go to sleep and Drew called me. His ex girlfriend called him and talked to him for awhile. He was so in love with her and it ended badly. She wanted to move in together and he wasn’t ready. He was still partying with his friends so they broke up. He was devastated. I think she is having problems with her boyfriend. I don’t want his heart broken again.

I sent Robbie a video and then a picture of me. Like always when I go some place exciting. He always tells me to be safe.

Mets lost. I’m at 164. I have to lose 5 pounds by Friday or I’m going to be so disappointed.


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