August 24, 2018

Payday. The Yaya’s and I bought tickets to see a Medium next month. This should be interesting. We will go there, maybe find out where life is taking us, then eat lunch.

I also bought Rae and I tickets to see the Mets on Labor day weekend. I can’t wait.

I went and grabbed some lunch today and while I was gone Charlotte texted me to tell me they laid off a bunch of people. I really think they are closing our site and centralizing to Arizona. This is another sign. I need to get out of there so I can keep my same pay. We might drive out there next weekend to check it out.

I hate heat like that but the rest of the year would be nice. I’ll just sell my house and hang on to the profit until I fix my credit.

I have my end of the year softball BBQ tonight and the Kid Rock concert tomorrow.

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