August 18, 2018

I got up and got dressed and had Rae take a picture of me wearing Robbie’s bands t-shirt. I got the shirt Wednesday and I knew he was waiting for that picture to be posted on his bands Facebook page.
Tongue out, devil horn fingers, denim cut offs and bright red lipstick. I looked damn good 😉. I was running late so I didn’t immediately post the picture.

Wyatt and Ray had errands to do so we carpooled down together. They were going to drop me off and pick me up when I was done having lunch with the Yaya’s. There we were, riding along the freeway and I get a text from Robbie. All it said was “picture, please.” I know it’s been bugging him since Wednesday that I haven’t posted a picture for him. I immediately posted it to his page and told him it was done. He told me thank you, he told me I was amazing and then he said “I love you, Alabama”. What in the sams hell??? That came out of nowhere.

The only time he’s ever said he loved me was when we were both drunk that night in Hollywood. He told me last weekend that he missed me so I don’t know what has gotten in to him.

Then he starts flirting with me. He either has feelings for me or he thinks he’s losing me and is trying to keep me close. I don’t know. I’m just going to live my life and if it’s meant to be it’s going to happen. If not, it won’t. What I do know, is that I will never chase another man. Not even Robbie. He texted me good night last night and he texted me good morning this morning and he’s been going a week between texts with me. I’m so confused.

By the way I did respond and told him that I loved him right back.

I went to lunch and we had the best time. We sat there for two hours and reminisced and caught up with each other’s lives. We have all agreed to try and make this a monthly thing. Clemmy is writing up a bucket list for us and scouring Groupon! These women are my people, my tribe, my Ya Ya’s!

I messaged Grace after lunch. I have this connection with her. I told her about Robbie, from beginning to right now. She told me she was wondering why I was wearing his bands shirt. It felt nice to unburden myself. Especially with some one who knows him. We talked about how hard marriage is. I told her a little more about Luke and his drinking.

She confessed to me that nine years ago she had an emotional affair with Robbie’s brother Parker. Parker wasn’t married yet but he was dating the woman he eventually married. Grace said that if he lived closer she would have had an affair. She ended it and told her husband because she felt so guilty. It almost caused a divorce. It makes you realize that no one’s life is perfect. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. We are all human.

I love these women.

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