The Yaya’s

August 17, 2017

Tomorrow I’m going to meet four good friends from high school. I haven’t seen them in decades. Daisy and Hannah can’t make it. It’s Hannah’s daughters 15th birthday and Daisy is just always busy and quite frankly I think Clemmy drives her batty. We call our group the Yaya’s.

I’m meeting Clementine, we call her Clemmy, Grace and Bobbie.

Clemmy is and has always been, eccentric. She is about five foot nothing with untamed, wildly curly brown hair. She is chunky but says she recently lost 35 pounds and she wears thick eye glasses. She is dramatic and emotional and she is a hypocondriac. She would do anything for anyone. She is like me, in a way. She takes care of every one around her and they take advantage of her kindness, I think. People do that to me but I just shut down on them after that. She gets dramatic and demands attention. We are all on a group chat and Clemmy has told us that she has almost died and “been dragged down to the depths of hell by tortured souls”, had her neck dislocated, she thinks she has MS, and she was chased through Hollywood by a pimp and a hooker. But we all love her dearly. Well maybe not Daisy, lol.

Then there is Bobbie. She is actually Luke’s best friend Clints ex sister in law. Did everyone follow that? She is a big girl, tall, half white, half phillipino with gigantic boobs and long black hair. She could whoop anyones ass if needed and she is funny and loyal. She is an at home health care aid and she is not very emotional, like me. We turn everything into a joke to avoid emotion. She isn’t married, never has been and has no kids. I have always wondered if she was a lesbian. None of us would care. We’re not like that. She mentioned a boyfriend but didn’t go into detail.

Then there is Grace. The good girl. She was this petite blonde with big boobs. She had a figure to die for. She rarely drank in high school when the rest of us went hog wild on the weekends. She dated Robbie’s brother Parker for a bit. She also dated James, the one who died. He was the love of her life. They were on and off all the time. He died and she never knew if he really loved her.

She has been with her husband for 30 years, just like me and Luke. But her husband doesn’t drink. He was a city councilman and a damn good dad to their four kids. The perfect marriage, or so I thought…

Grace texted me the other day and asked if I had talked to Luke since he had died. I knew exactly what she was talking about. I think James watches over Grace. I really connect with her since we were both married so young and had our kids so young.


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