So Cal

It’s been a while. I don’t really talk to Robbie anymore. I don’t text him. He texts me occasionally and when he does it’s vague. I need to get over him and move on. It breaks my heart so I’m keeping busy.

I went to the Coastal Jam yesterday with Ryan. I hate the beach. Crazy, right? Who lives in Southern California and hates the beach? I finally got to see Toby Keith though.

I stayed home from work today. Being in the sun all day and walking in the sand kicked my ass. The sun wipes me out every time I’m in it all day.

Last weekend Joey and I went to a Dodgers-Giants game. I love going to games. We had a blast.

When we were walking out Robbie texted me. He sent me a picture of the collage I had sent him. When we got back from Arizona I made him a college of him and I and his friend. He put it in his baseball room and he said he loved it and thank you. He also sent me pictures of him and his brother. Then he just says good night and that’s it.

So I am staying busy and getting shit done and trying to move. I need to do something new. New state, New job, New life.

Drew turned 21. He worries me. He is out drinking right now.


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