April 6, 2017

After work I drove myself to the tattoo shop.  I sometimes do spontaneous things but I do think things thru and think about the end result.  I think about the worst  case scenario and if I could handle the result.

I’ve thought about getting this tattoo since I came back from Arizona. Worst case scenario is that it’s there forever.  I can deal with that.

I needed something to remind me to never, ever fall in love with anyone. At the same time I wanted to always remember Robbie.  I didn’t get my happy ending but if it weren’t for him popping into my life I know I’d still be sitting on my bed everyday after work not doing anything with my life.

But now I have friends.  I go to concerts and games.  I get mani’s,s and pedi’s with girlfriends.  I am happy!

I still miss Robbie.  I still love him to death.  He texts me every couple weeks to check in.  I’d marry that man in a split second of he asked. Seeing his name pop up on my phone still makes me heart pound. But I am better now. Sane.

I checked that mental breakdown right off my bucket list.

And I think of Robbie every time I run my tongue across his name along the inside of my bottom lip…..



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