The Voice

Today Charlotte and I ditched work and went a live taping of The Voice. We watched Maroon 5, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson all perform live. They were amazing.

We ate lunch on Sunset in Hollywood. I almost rode a mechanical bull, would have if we had more time! It’s all about new adventures!

My life changed the moment Luke went to sleep and never woke up. I mean, I knew he was dying and I was as prepared for that as I could have been. What I wasn’t prepared for was how I was going to live. That part never crossed my mind. You get married and you get into a rhythm. You get up and you get the kids off to school and go to work. Come home and make dinner and clean and go to bed. Weekends are filled with little league games and grocery store runs and birthday parties.

That’s all well and good until your husband dies and the kids are grown and you wake up with absolutely no clue as to what your supposed to do. I mean, you still have to go to work but you get up and get ready and then just….. go to work. No one needs breakfast or help finding their backpack or shoes.

Forget about cooking. How do you cook for one person? I don’t. I eat El Pollo for lunch everyday and usually a bowl of ice cream for dinner. Not all bad. I do love ice cream…


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