The daughter I never had. I love her because she loves Wyatt more than life and she is unbelievablely loyal.  To Wyatt and the rest of us.  We ate her family now.  We will always be her family no matter what.  

She was raised by her dad.  Her mom left when she was 6 years old because she was a drug addict.  She still is. Rae talks to her a few times a week and sees her a couple times a year. I don’t care for her.  

Wyatt dated her in junior high and started dating her again when we moved back from Texas.  Rae had her daughter Maggie when she was 15.  Maggie’s dad was abusive to Rae and she left him when we came back.

Her and Maggie moved in with us when she got pregnant with Bubba.  I was very upset when she got pregnant but it was already done.  

I taught her to cook and clean.  Now she kinda runs the house and I don’t have to do anything.

She is my daughter.  I love her.  


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