Girl time

June 30

Today was so much fun. I woke up this morning and Rae and I went shopping for clothes for my trip to Robbie’s house. I have always hated shopping but today was so much fun. I tried on a thousand outfits. Shorts, shirts, skirts and sandals. I bought all new bras and panties.

We went and got my hair cut and bought lotions and make up. Then we got mani’s and pedi’s.

After that we met Emily at the wax place and we all got a Brazilian bikini wax. None of us had ever had one so we were all nervous. I had waxed my legs last night and that hurts so bad!!!

I went in first and she had me strip from the waist down. Then I laid on my back and spread my legs “like a butterfly”. It’s awkward.

There is a crock pot filled with hot, purple wax. She took a popsicle stick and wiped hot wax down both creases near my thighs. She then yanked all my hair right off and the awkwardness disappeared with my public hair!! Omg, it’s painful for a second. Then she cups her hand where she ripped the hair off. The pain went away immediately. She did both sides. It wasn’t so bad.

Then she wiped the hot wax straight over my hoo-haw. Oh my God, I was scared. RIP then CUP. Oh Jesus that hurt. I prayed that my pubic hair was the only thing that came off.

Then she did the top of my hoo-haw and I thought I was done. She then had me roll over and pull my butt cheeks apart… Omg hot wax right down my butt crack and then RIP 😬

Finally done. It’s so smooth and clean and I love it! I went out and told Emily and Rae that it wasn’t bad at all. Emily went next. She came out and said it was so painful and she would never do that again. Lol. I DO have a high tolerance for pain.

We left and I went and got a spray tan. It was such a good day. I’ve never done this, spent a day with girls just pampering myself.

I am packed and ready to go!!


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