July 25

More talk about sex. I dont know why I can’t leave it alone. He keeps telling me I am pressuring him but I know if we sleep together it will all be OK. I don’t know why he doesn’t get that.

He keeps telling me we will take it slow and I will keep visiting him and we will get to know each other. I’m starting to hate that word, slow. He tells me he still has feelings for me.

He keeps telling me that he is like Shrek, he had layers, like an onion. He makes me laugh but he makes me crazy. I asked him if he could see marrying me someday, down the line. He said of course.

He keeps telling me to calm down. He says I am overwhelming him. I just want him to tell me how he feels. What is so hard about that if he really likes me? I’m not crazy. I hate this.


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