Robbie’s house

July 2-4th

Staying with Robbie for four days was amazing. I can completely be myself with him. I had such a good time.

The first night I was there I was so tired and he knew it. I was nervous about flying and I didn’t sleep the night before. We watched a movie and went to bed. I didn’t know what was going to happen between us when we went to bed but he just kissed me goodnight, put his arms around me and we fell asleep. I slept better than I’ve slept in months.

On the 2nd day we went for a drive and he showed me around the city. He lives in a huge city and I live in a small town.

He took me to an area where he thought I might like to live and it was beautiful. We ate out during the day and he cooked for me that night. It was so hot out that during the day we stayed in the air conditioning and went out at night.

I slept in his bed the entire time but we didn’t have sex. We had a serious talk about our relationship. It’s so nice to be with some one who is rational. He says we need to go slow.

He said ” What if we fall totally in love and you live 7 hours away from me?”. He says things would get complicated. I get it.

He asked if I would be willing to sell my house and relocate my job if things got serious. I said I would. I can see that he worries about us. Luke just died and here I am willing to change my life completely and move 7 hours away for someone I’ve been talking to for 6 weeks. But I am.

On July 3rd we went to watch the fireworks. We walked around downtown and went into some shops. There was a candy shop and I bought him a pound of his favorite banana runts.

Downtown is right over a river so we walked to a bridge and watched the firework show. It was amazing, standing there with him, his arms around me. During the finale, he kissed me. I thought to myself “Is this really my life right now “?

He held my hand as we walked back to his car.

We went home and watched a movie and went to bed. I was so sad knowing I was going home the next day. I love laying in bed with him with him holding me all night.

He took me to the airport the next day to see me off. He kissed me goodbye. It was a soft, sweet kiss. I told him to kiss me like he meant it and he kissed me and curled my toes.

The flight back wasn’t terrible. I was in my own world, reminiscing about Robbie.


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