September 1985

The first day of high school. Daisy gets dropped of at my house and we walk to the bus stop. We meet up with Luke and Austin.

Robbie is also there with his brother, Parker. Daisy walks over and talks to Robbie for a minute while I talk to Luke and Austin. 32 years later when I reconnect with Robbie, he tells me that Daisy pulled him aside to tell him to not tell anyone they had dated. I am appalled but Robbie and I can’t stop laughing.

The private school we went to was small. The school bus I am on has more kids on it then my junior high class. I am so nervous. Luke told us that on his first day of high school some seniors took his pants and he had to go to school in his boxers. He was lying but I didn’t know that until later.

We get to school and it’s huge. There are so many kids. My school had one black girl and the rest of us were white. I walk off the bus into a sea of different color faces. There are jocks and goth kids and rockers and nerds. What group am I a part of? This is all so new to me. Turns out we are the kids who party. And boy did we party.

I love school. Not the work part but the social part. I’ve gone to the same school since kindergarten. I’ve known the same kids since then. I’ve had to wear uniforms everyday. Now I am in the midst of thousands of teenagers, all different. I can wear whatever I want. I am so excited.


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