I met Robbie in 6th grade. We went to a private school and he was the class clown. When I think of Robbie back then I remember him always laughing. He was always happy. He got into his share of trouble but it wasn’t for anything bad.

He has always been blunt. I remember in sixth grade I put eye liner on for the first time. He asked me what happened to my eyes because it looked like I scribbled crayon under my eyes. I don’t think I wore eye liner again for 20 years. He didn’t say it to be mean. That was just Robbie.

In 7th grade we had to stand up and tell everyone what we wanted to be when we grew up. We had the doctors and lawyers and veterinarians and the models. Then we had Robbie, who told everyone he wanted to be a garbage man so he could get a lot of free stuff. Always joking.

He was a chunky kid with curly brown hair and blue eyes. I remember him wearing short sleeved plaid button ups all the time. He was such a dork but I loved him. Just as friends though. I never had a crush on Robbie but I felt attached to him, close. Connected.

After private school we went to the same public school. We hung out with different crowds. I hung out with the kids who partied and Robbie hung out with an older crowd. They partied a little but they were into music. Robbie and his best friend James. They played their guitars and they were good at it.

Luke and I were good friends then and always together. As a joke James and Robbie made an album about Luke and I. I never heard it but I dont think it was bad. For some reason it pissed Luke off and him and Robbie got in a fist fight over it. Stupid boy stuff.

When we were 16 Robbie told me that his dad got transferred to the midwest. He was moving across the country. I was so sad but I didn’t know why. I didn’t have a crush on him at all. I was in love with Luke. I didn’t even hang out with Robbie anymore. But I was so sad. And then he was gone. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Three years later, after work I went to Lukes apartment. I walk in and there Robbie was!! Luke and Austin went to the store to buy some beer, looked up and there Robbie was, so they invited him over to hang out.

I was so happy to see him. I don’t remember the details but I do remember thinking how much I had missed him. I remember he just seemed so different. He was a big guy now, really chunky and his hair was crazy and long and curly but that smile was still there. He drove this old VW van.

I asked if he was moving back and he said he was just traveling. How different his life was than ours. We were practically married with a kid and Robbie was crazy and, well homeless lol. But he was still happy and so free spirited.

I was taking Beau to my mom’s and I headed back to talk to Robbie but he had already left. I wouldn’t see him for 27 years.


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