August 1985

Daisy and I are walking in my neighborhood. We see Luke and Austin and we are hoping they see us. We have spoken to them briefly but never hung out with them. She is in love with Austin. I already know I’m going to marry Luke.

We run into Austin. He says hi and asks us if we want to go catch a buzz with him and Luke. I say yes. He tells us to meet them up by the trees in the field and he walks home to go take a shower. I look at Daisy and I asked her what catching a buzz means. She doesn’t know. I’m nervous but we’re going to meet them.

We meet them an hour later. We all sit down and Austin pulls out a pipe. So catching a buzz is smoking weed. I have no idea how to do it.

I watch him hold the lighter up against the bowl and inhale. Ok. I can do this. I take a hit and breath the smoke in and hold it in like they did. I don’t feel anything but my lungs burning. A few minutes later I can’t get the smile off my face and everything is funny.

Luke and Austin are pretending that they are Sumo wrestlers. Daisy and I sit in the grass and laugh for hours and hours until it’s time for us to go home.

We are 14 years old.


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