Luke and I were broken up again. We just argued all the time. We would get back together and then break up. All the time. Responsibility scared him. I know he loved us though.

I just worked and went out with my friends and waited for Luke to call me, apologizing again. I was sure he would grow up someday soon.

I still lived with my mom and step dad. After Beau was born, they fell in love with him. He could do no wrong in their eyes and they spoiled him. He called them Grammy and Pop.

Beau was so adorable, with his white blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was a big kid, too. I was in the store and some guy asked me when I was going to get around to potty training him. He embarrassed me because he said it so loudly. He also made me question my parenting. I thought to myself “should he be potty trained already?”. I told the guy he is only 1 1/2 years old and his mouth dropped open. He apologized and told me to call the NFL.

He was turning three and we were having a big birthday party for him. Everyone could swim in Beau’s pool. Beau thought it was his pool and no one or nothing could be in it unless he was in it. When he got out, he expected everyone to get out so he just never got out. We would have to drag him out of the pool and into bed every night.

That’s how we found out he could swim without his floaties. Charlie threw a pool toy in the pool and Beau starting screaming and he jumped in, fully clothed, with no floaties on, to get it out. We all ran towards the pool to get him. He was only two years old. By the time we got to him he had already swam to the edge and was already pulling himself out of the pool and yelling at Pop. We were amazed! He never used a floatie again. He still loves the water!

Luke wasnt coming to his party because my mom and Charlie didn’t like him. They thought he wasn’t responsible and should have done more for Beau and I. Luke and I, when we were together, either spent holidays apart or celebrated them twice.

I was just having my family and friends. Austin was coming of course. He was always there. He was engaged now and getting married in a few months. I really liked her. She had always been a sweet girl.

We had a blast. Everyone stayed late, long after Beau had gone to bed. Me and my friends hung out until late.

I was going to Austin’s wedding,of course. I was happy for him but I was a little sad. He had always been there for me. I couldn’t expect him to be there for Beau and I after he was married.

The night before he got married he called me up and asked me to sleep with him one more time. I was so mad at him that I didn’t go to his wedding. Austin will never change.

I think their marriage lasted two years.

Later this year, Luke bought me a ring and finally proposed. Well he told me he was buying me a ring. He brought it home and handed it to me. I had to tell him to ask me and then tell him to put it on my finger. But I said yes….


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