1987: Ronald McDonald

I’m getting ready for school and I get a call from Austin. He tells me he has Ronald McDonald and he has nowhere to put him. I didn’t even ask how he was acquired. I ran in and told my mom that Austin got me a Ronald McDonald and was bringing him by and she said ok.

She let out a yell when she came out and found a nine foot tall ceramic Ronald McDonald statue wedged in our split stairwell. He was so big he got stuck and his elbow punched a hole right through the drywall. All my mom had to say, as we were all doing the limbo under Ronald to get down the stairwell to get to work and school was “Wait until your step dad gets home, Alabama!!!”.

My step dad got home and he was so amused that he got him out of the stairwell, patched the hole and put Ronald upstairs, proudly, in his office, where he stayed for years.

There was always this rivalry between Luke and Austin. A few years after Austin gifted me with Ronald, Luke and I were at a McDonald’s where I saw Grimace and mentioned to Luke that I would love to have him.

After we finished eating, I went to wash my hands. As I was walking out to the car I saw Luke and his friend hoisting big ole Grimace over the fence. They had yanked him right off of the teeter totter, right in front of all the kids and their momma’s and daddy’s. Every one was so shocked they just stopped and stared, me included. Luke was yelling ” Run Alabama, Run!!” I ran like the wind and jumped in the car. We rode all the way home with Grimace riding shotgun. I leaned over and gave Luke a giant, wet kiss and I had an ear to ear smile all the way home.

Looking back: The theft of Ronald was in the newspaper and since he was worth over $3,000.00, it was felony. I imagine Grimace was close to that. We all got incredibly lucky that we didn’t get caught and arrested.

Also, they took out all of the characters out of the play lands after that so future generations never got to enjoy them.

Except for Luke and my boys, that is!!

My mom and step dad kept Ronald and Grimace for years and finally sold them to the Ronald McDonald house a few years ago for $5,000.00 dollars.

I still volunteer my time there out of guilt…….


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