March 10, 2017


We are going to the mortuary today. Luke’s dad and step mom are meeting us. Luke’s dad sees us all and starts to cry.

We all go into a room to discuss Luke’s cremation. It’s $2,300. I want them to break down the cost. Luke’s dad says it doesn’t matter because he is paying. It matters to me. They shouldn’t take advantage of people at the worst time in their life.

They tell me the ride from Gilbert’s to the mortuary was $600.00. It’s 7 miles. I am appalled. I tell the boys if I die at home they are to call an Uber for me. $115.00 to wheel Luke’s body from one side of the mortuary to the other? I tell him I will push his body there for them before I leave so they could take that cost off. $115.00 for refrigeration? Ridiculous. I am so angry. The guy going over the costs for me is trying tell tell me that I can’t wheel Luke around the building. The kids and Luke’s parents start laughing. They all think I’ve gone over the edge, I’m sure of it.

Drew went out to the car. He knows his dad is in here, dead, and he cant sit in here any longer.

Luke’s parents leave. Me, Beau, Wyatt and Rae want to see Luke one last time. They take us to a hallway and stand us in front of two double doors. They explain that Luke will be laying on a gurney, covered up. They open the doors and there he is, in a hospital gown. Beau immediately doubles over and starts crying. He stands there for a minute and says he has to leave. I think its good for me and Wyatt and Rae to see him. He looks peaceful this time. Luke’s ear was black but every thing else looks normal. I walk up and put my hand on his belly. He is cold but feels normal. I run my finger down his cheek. I hold his hand and I tell him I love him and that Iā€™d see him later and I walk out.


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